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Being born from the passion of PJ’s founder, Phyllis Jordan, cold brew is a new process to extract coffee. By brewing at a lower temperature, the constituents in coffee beans, such as caffeine, fatty acids, and oils, can’t be dissolved like they would be at high temperatures. As a result, the coffee extraction will have 2/3 less acidic coffee than hot brew one. At PJ’s Vietnam, cold brew coffee is our underpinning to expand the PJ’s product’s lines by combining bits of different fine ingredients and serving with passion and love.  The cold brew coffee has its own fragrance and significantly strong taste. As the summer months approach, many coffee connoisseurs are turning to cold brew, a smooth, sweet and refreshing way to enjoy coffee. So if you are a coffee-holic and enjoy the bitterness yet deliciousness, you probably would be a big fan of cold-brew coffee.

Our Selections

Hot Vienna Crème

A warm coffee treat made with PJ’s Viennese Blend cold-drip coffee and milk, sweetened and frothed together, then sculpted with a swirl of whipped cream

Hot Caramel Crème

Rich caramel, PJ’s Viennese Blend cold-drip coffee and milk frothed into a frenzy – topped with whipped cream and drizzles of caramel

Iced White Mocha

Monin white chocolate sauce sweetens this delectable drink. When combined with our delectable Original Cold Brew™ and topped with the cold milk of your choice, this beverage brings out the kid-in-a-candy-store in all of us!

Iced Mocha

Your love for chocolate is answered with this perfect blend of PJ’s Original Cold Brew™, sweetened with Hershey’s syrup and topped with cold milk of your choosing. Heaven!

Iced Coffee

PJ’s cold-drip Viennese Blend with just a splash of Melipone vanilla is paired with milk, served over ice to create this classic favorite made famous in New Orleans. Customize by adding your favorite flavor, such as vanilla


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