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Espresso & Traditional Vietnamese 

At PJ’s Vietnam, we use Espresso Dolce® for all of our espresso-based drinks. Finely ground PJ’s Espresso Dolce® brewed at very high pressure to produce a complex, rich and sweet liquid crème extracted from the coffee bean. This blend of classic roasts produces a coffee that is sweet and smooth with a deep chocolate flavor that lingers on the palate. In addition, it combines several coffees to deliver smoky and fruity sweet flavors with extra rich body. Our range of espresso-based drinks are also available in decaf coffee. Nothing is allowed to interfere with the perfect flavor of PJ’s Vietnam coffee. That’s why we use a process that removes as much as 99.5% of the caffeine while preserving more of the natural flavor than other commonly used processes.

Our unique blend of beans, as well as the traditional preparation process, helps give Vietnamese coffee its particular style. It’s a beautiful combination of PJ’s fresh, top-tier Arabica beans and Vietnamese Robusta beans. For the sake of flavor preservation, the coffee is only grinded when a customer order is made.  Coarsely ground beans go into a traditional Vietnamese filter “phin”, which sits on top of the cup. The beans are weighted down with a thin lid, hot water between 92°C and 96°C is added to the phin. The water then slowly trickles through into the cup to bring out the best in each coffee bean. A pure Vietnamese experience.



The ultimate coffee commitment – pressurized water is used to extract the rich essence of our finely ground Espresso Dolce®. Served straight up


Equal measures of espresso and hot water create a strong and flavorful coffee that has an all-American appeal


Meaning “marked” in Italian, it is a traditional serving of espresso, marked with a dollop of foamed milk

Cappuccino (hot or iced)

Equal parts espresso and steamed milk with a crown of froth

Mocha Cappuccino (hot or iced)

Espresso and frothy steamed milk with a generous helping of Ghirardelli® cocoa and a swirl of whipped cream

White Mocha Cappuccino (hot or iced)

Our traditional Italian style cappuccino, with White Mocha and whipped cream to bring delight to your taste buds

Café Latte (hot or iced)

It is the grown up way to drink your milk – steamed mingled with espresso

Praline Latte

A combination of New Orleans-famous praline and PJ’s coffee. To make it extra special, the beverage will be topped with whipped cream and garnished with praline crumbles

White Mocha Latte (hot or iced)

Ghirardelli white cocoa mixed with espresso and steamed milk and topped with a swirl of whipped cream

Mocha Latte (hot or iced)

Ghirardelli® cocoa, espresso and steamed milk with a swirl of whipped cream

Skinny Vanilla Latte

Hot espresso sweetened with sugar free vanilla syrup topped with steamed skim milk and a dollop of froth

Traditional Vietnamese

Ca Phe Den (hot or iced)

PJ’s serves cà phê đen the traditional way, with coarse-ground coffee seeping deliciously into your cup through a “phin” drip filter. The only difference is the quality of PJ’s 100% Arabica, top-tier fresh coffee beans

Ca Phe Sua (hot or iced)

PJ’s also handles cà phê sữa in the traditional way, filling your cup with the perfect amount of condensed milk prior to “phin” drip-filtering PJ’s hot coffee into your cup


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